MKS Special Piece - Shells

MKS Special Piece djembes, by Mohamed Kaleb Sylla, represent Koma Drum's top-tier djembes. Mohamed hand-picks shells of the highest quality wood, and with the most balanced proportions and even symmetry. Mohamed then spends one to two days on the "finish-carving" of each shell, making them as close to perfect as possible. Some of our MKS Special Pieces receive intricate decorations, and some are left without decorative carving (for those who prefer simplicity).

  • Decorations on MKS Special Pieces are carved entirely by Mohamed Kaleb Sylla, without assistance by apprentices. 
  • Custom carved shells and decorations available. Contact
  • The decorative designs and compositions on MKS Special Pieces are the original creations of Mohamed Kaleb Sylla, and represent his life's work and personal inspiration. Please contact use before reproducing any of these designs, compositions, or signature markings. 
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